Most problems having to do with image uploading have are due to the batch of images being too large in count or total file size. We recommend trying the following as the first steps:

  • Upload in much smaller batches (10 or fewer)
  • Resize images before uploading if they exceed 5mb
  • Allow extra time for images to finish processing and appear

Thumbnails in Media Bin not appearing after upload

After selecting your images and uploading them, image tiles will initially appear in your Media Bin with a loading animation in the center.

Once the image has finished processing in Brandboom, you should see the thumbnails generated on the image tile like this:

Sometimes if the batch is too large, the thumbnail may take especially long. A loading animation usually appears to indicate that the thumbnail is still being generated, but even if this animation doesn't appear, it may still be working to process the image and generate the thumbnail. Allow this process to take more time and check back after a while to see if it loads successfully.

Image appears to be uploaded successfully but doesn't appear on Product

After the original image is uploaded, Brandboom will process the file and generate differently sized versions.

If you notice that the image appears properly in some pages but is missing on other pages, it's possible that the missing version is still being generated. We recommend checking back after some time to see if it loads successfully. 

In rare cases, the generating process may experience an interruption, causing it to fail. This happens occasionally when an extremely large batch is uploaded. If you encounter this, try deleting the image from the product and re-uploading it to see if it resolves the issue. If it continues to happen, please contact Support.


If you notice that your images are not uploading, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take before uploading images again:

  • Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser.
  • Check to see if all your images are in either .JPG or .PNG format. These are the only two accepted image formats on Brandboom
  • Make sure your image file sizes are no more than 5mb.

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