Order and Invoice Connection

Invoicing on Brandboom is "order-based," meaning each invoice is generated from and connected to a single Order in Brandboom.

From one "source" order, one "full" invoice or multiple "split" invoices can be created. These invoices are identified by the original Order # and a sequential count.

All Products on 1 invoice

  • Order#BB.1 has 10 products
  • Invoice#BB.1.1 has all 10 products

Products split onto multiple invoices

  • Order#BB.1 has 10 products
  • Invoice#BB.1.1 has 7 products
  • Invoice#BB.1.2 has 2 products
  • Invoice#BB.1.3 has 1 product

Please note that Orders can only be separated into invoices by Style. At this time it is not possible to split partial units or different Options of the same Product onto different invoices.


Because of this relationship (1 source Order to 1 or more "branch" invoices), it's not possible to combine information from different Orders onto a consolidated invoice, unfortunately

It is also not possible to generate fully custom invoices independently (e.g. an invoice for $100).

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