Using Brandboom to download images is not Recommended

We recommend keeping copies of your product images on your computer or outside of Brandboom so you can always have the original, uncompressed, full-sized version.

Downloading images that have already been uploaded to Brandboom will result in files that are often substantially lower in quality.

Download Methods

Currently there isn't an easy way to download your product images to your computer, but here are 2 possible methods:

  • Use the buyer side image download function
  • Right click and save from interface

Download from Buyer Side

Enable image downloading on your Presentation and open the Presentation Link as if you were a Buyer to access special image downloading functions.

See Manually enable image downloading on a Presentation for Buyers for more information.

Save image manually from interface

To download the image you see on the screen, right click the image and select "Save Image As..."

Or, if you want to get the highest quality version, select "Open Image in New Tab." Then rename the URL, changing the last letter to capital "X" and hit Enter to load the largest version on Brandboom and save the resulting file.

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