Associate an Order with a Customer

Remember that Orders are not automatically connected with the Customer information saved in your Customers List.

To manually associate an Order with a specific Customer, open or create the Order Form and click 'Choose a Customer'.

Screenshot - 2021-05-07T150342.902


The Customer Code Match panel will appear, offering you suggested matches based on the information provided.


If you haven't provided any information yet, you can type in the name or email address of the buyer.

NOTE: If you are under the outside team and have permission to see the owner's customers, you will be able to see the filter button. "Show Owner Customers" is toggled on by default. To associate the order with YOUR customer, you will have to turn this off. 


If you select a recommended Customer, you will have the opportunity to choose what fields, if any, to overwrite with the information you have on file. By deciding what set of information to use, you can correct mistakes or ensure consistent formatting. Uncheck the boxes for the fields you wish to leave unchanged.

Screenshot - 2021-05-07T150927.732


Once you click 'Apply' the checked fields will be overwritten on the Order Form with your saved information and the Customer Code will appear in the corner.

Screenshot - 2021-05-07T150958.716