Blurb Overview

Overview Video (1:41)


Introduction to Blurbs




A Blurb is simply a text space that lets you:

  • Type and stylize text
  • Embed in-line images and videos
  • Add custom HTML

Here is what a Presentation with Blurbs looks like.

Create a Blurb

1) Open an existing Presentation.

2) In the left-hand Presentation Edit panel, click on the drop-down "+", just below Sections, and select Blurb.




3) The new space will be inserted into the presentation on the right side, you should see a new bar in your Section Editor on the left-hand side. 




4) Click in the space that says 'Click here to edit this blurb' to add text, images, and videos to the Blurb. 

Delete a Blurb

1) Click the 'X' on the top right corner of the Blurb Section.

2) A pop-up will ask you if you want to delete it, select 'Yes'.



You will receive a confirmation to delete the specified Section: