Brandboom Marketplace - FAQ

A list of FAQs for the Brandboom Marketplace

1) How do I join the Brandboom Marketplace

You can join the marketplace by logging into your seller account on Brandboom and clicking the 'Marketplace' icon on the left panel.  For more information, and how to prepare your line sheet presentation for the Brandboom Marketplace, please review this article.


1) What are the commissions and fees for participation in the marketplace?

All orders placed via the Brandboom Marketplace are subject to a commission fee, regardless of whether the buyer is new to you, or someone who has purchased from you before.  As of January 23rd, 2024, the fee is 10% (plus additional Stripe international/conversion fees for sellers based outside of the US), however, current rates will be reconfirmed when you accept the order in addition to Brandboom's Terms of Service for up-to-date information.

2) Will I still be charged if I reject an order?

No, you will not be charged a commission fee if you reject an order from Brandboom Marketplace.


3) What is the timeframe for accepting or declining an order?

You only have 7 days to accept an order. Marketplace orders will be automatically cancelled after the 7th day. 


4) How do I get paid?

You need to apply for Stripe Express (it's free) and have an active account to be part of the Brandboom Marketplace. Brandboom is the merchant of record (MoR) for all Brandboom Marketplace transactions.  This means you may only be paid using this method - your typical check/cheque, cash, or other payment methods cannot be used for transactions within the marketplace.

5) When do I get paid?

Typically, you will see the funds hit your Stripe Connect account attached to your Brandboom Payments dashboard sometime after the shipment is in carrier possession.  They will be visible but not released/available yet.  When the order is marked as delivered by the carrier, your funds will then be released typically 5-7 business days after delivery.  Please refer to our Stripe Express articles for payout information.


6) What kind of brands and products are you accepting for the Brandboom Marketplace?

We are accepting most apparel or apparel-adjacent brands and products in the Brandboom Marketplace.  Typically this means men's and women's contemporary, casual, streetwear, jewelry, accessories, and footwear.  If you're unsure, you're welcome to submit your line sheet for assessment, and we'll let you know!


7) What kind of buyers will be accessing the Brandboom Marketplace?

The same sorts of buyers that typically purchase from brands and products above in 5).  We have well over 200,000+ active buyers on the platform and will invite and accept requests from buyers for access.


8) How do I communicate with buyers?

You may chat with buyers only if they initiate contact with you if they haven't yet made a purchase.  If they do make a purchase, they will be visible in the 'Visitors tab' of your account, and you may chat with them.

9) What are the return policies?

To participate in the marketplace, you need to accept the Brandboom Marketplace return policy.  We strongly recommend that you accommodate returns on the first order with a new buyer, as they are new to working with you.  The marketplace dashboard allows you to set a return threshold for the first order, including options for no returns, and dollar values such as up to $250, $500, etc... This can be handled via the issuance of return credits in Brandboom or monetary payment outside of Brandboom.  For subsequent orders via the marketplace, return policies are at your discretion and can be listed in your 'terms of sale' for Brandboom Marketplace.

10) How are disputes handled? 

If both parties are not satisfied with the return solution, either may file a dispute, which will be handled by Brandboom.  Brandboom will work with both parties to understand the situation and may ask for evidence such as communications, receipts, delivery information, and other forms of proof.  Brandboom will provide the best possible determination to be fair to both parties however, per Brandboom's Terms of Service, Brandboom's decision is final.

11) How do I maximize exposure?
Create great products, and have visually appealing and stimulating photos.  If you need advice and tips on how to put your best foot forward in the marketplace, please refer to this article.

12) How will buyers find my brand? 
There are many ways you can be discovered.  Your brand will be featured in your primary category section of the marketplace.  In addition, we will be rotating featured brands, and buyers will also find you if they use the search function.  For example, if you sell a "Sunflower pattern dress", and a buyer searches for "sunflower", your product will appear in their search results.

13) Do I need a specific Brandboom Plan to participate?

You can participate with any of our Free, Startup, or Business plans.


14) Is this different to Connect Marketplace or Brandboom Kids Marketplace?

Yes!  Connect has now been sunset and replaced by Brandboom Marketplace and Brandboom Kids.  Brandboom Kids Marketplace is only available to brands selling kids and baby apparel, accessories, toys, and gear.  Depending on what kind of products you sell, you may be able to participate in both marketplaces.


15) Are there any regional/country restrictions for the marketplace?

We are accepting sellers and buyers from the following countries.  This list will continuously expand as we grow the marketplace beyond the initial launch period.  If you have any issues please contact support or your account manager.

Country Sellers Buyers
New Zealand  
United Kingdom  
United States

16) What happens if a buyer reports that an order wasn't delivered?

Brandboom has the ability to hold funds until issues are resolved.  If a buyer reports that their order was not delivered, we recommend the buyer contact seller and seller works with the carrier to provide proof of delivery and any other pertinent details.  If a carrier is deemed to have misplaced the delivery, seller should initiate a claim via their shipping insurance process.


17) Why can't I see the Brandboom Marketplace on the marketplaces page?

You may be from a country that is not listed above.  If you are operating in one of these approved countries, please contact support or your account manager.


18) Can I still have deposit requirements?

No, you won't be able to require a deposit from buyers on marketplace orders. This is because buyers will be offered 60 days to pay their invoice. However, you will receive payment upon delivery, guaranteed, via Stripe Express.


19) Can I sell my products on Brandboom Marketplace, as well as other marketplaces?

Yes!  As long as your products meet our requirements, you can list them on Brandboom Marketplace.  You can choose to list your whole range or a portion of your range, it's up to you.  We encourage you to take advantage of trade shows, digital marketplaces, market weeks, and any other sales channels you might have access to.  Your success is your success.


20) How many line sheets can I have on Brandboom Marketplace?

You can have one presentation, per category, approved at a time. If you submit multiple presentations in one category, we will review your most recent application.


21) If I need to ship my products to a buyer internationally, who will handle taxes, delivery duty, and associated forms?

You (the seller/brand) will have to manage any potential taxes and forms related to shipments.  We strongly recommend that you work with your carrier, as they may have additional information and helpful resources for you.


22) Who handles the shipping costs?

When an order is placed, Brandboom will withhold an additional amount of money (the buyer is aware of this), to allow for shipping fees and minor adjustments.  Sellers decide if they want to charge this fee, or absorb it.  If you wish to charge the buyer any shipping fees, you must add this to the order/invoice as a line item, so that it can be part of the final settlement. 


23) What is the "Everything Else" category?

The Everything Else category is an expansion of the marketplace to help promote brands and products that would be seen or would fit in retail locations that would typically sell the brands and products currently seen in our Men's and Women's categories.  For example, select self-care cosmetics or fragrances, home accessories, luggage/bags, or eyewear products.  We opened up the category for submissions in April 2024.