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Connect Marketplace FAQ


Note: Brandboom Connect will be phased out/sunset on February 29, 2024.  For further information on the phase-out, and to learn about our new Brandboom Marketplace, please review this article.

The phase-out of Connect will not affect any areas of the platform. (i.e. line sheets, order management, inventory, etc...)

General FAQ

1) What is the difference between Connect and other marketplaces on Brandboom

Connect is a unique way to discover new buyers on Brandboom. Instead of a traditional marketplace model (such as Brandboom Marketplace), where buyers may be browsing for specific products or themes, Connect is focused on long-term relationships between brands and buyers. Once we create a successful match, we provide all the buyer's information so that they become your customer to work with over, and over again.


2) When do I get charged?

Applicable rates will be charged to your account on file when a buyer places an order. There is no cost to join our Connect Marketplace - fees will only be charged if someone Connect has sent your presentation to, places an order with you.


3) Explain the difference between Auto Mode and Manual Mode?

Auto Mode makes your life easier by presenting to buyers at appropriate times. You pick your settings and let us do the rest of the work. Manual Mode allows you to choose which new buyers you would like to send your presentation to and requires you to filter and vet each of them manually.  


4) Why is it a flat fee?

Connect is a relationship-building service to help you make and maintain a connection with Buyers. We want to pair two parties together who we think would make a great fit. We introduce you and provide you with the tools to put your best foot forward. It's up to you to impress your Buyer with your amazing products.

We also like to think of it as a "Marketing Fee" that you're not paying an agency a lump sum or upfront fee. We take your products, market them to Buyers that may fit you, and we only charge you when an order is placed.


5) The flat fee seems high?

Imagine having to fly to a Trade Show. Booth, marketing materials, flights, hotels, transport, dinner for one at Subway, being away from your beloved cat, or house-trained barn owl. These are some of the sacrifices and expenses you make for these trips, along with the time and energy you spend trying to meet and greet potential buyers. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, a lead at a Trade Show might set you back an average of $142 (or more).

Connect Marketplace is charging you between $40-$60 (new orders) and $20-$40 (re-orders on Auto Mode) for an order, no matter how small or large it is. The fee covers the marketing that was done to find you a new committed customer with whom you can build a future relationship. Paired with Auto Mode, you have the ultimate sales tool prospecting and searching for you 24/7, and you didn't even have to leave the comfort of your couch or studio workspace!


6) What happens if the Buyer doesn't pay for the Order?

Unfortunately, Brandboom cannot enforce follow-through on orders given the nature of B2B wholesale orders in terms of order customization, payment terms, etc... However, you can flag or leave a negative review for a Buyer if they do not fulfill their Order Terms.

If the initial order is not successful, there is still the opportunity to follow up with a successful order if both parties are interested. After all, you have a legitimate contact that was interested in ordering something from you. Since you will now have the Buyer's contact information, you can reach out to discuss a resolution. This is not unlike a trade show where you, the seller, have already committed yourself to the cost of attending, so whether that Buyer you handed that business card to orders from you or not, you've paid for that lead. Additionally, Brandboom has already used its resources to market and pitch your line to buyers.

Please note that the Connect Fee cannot be refunded in this situation since the fee is assessed for the completed marketing campaign and connection and is not dependent on both parties following through with the order.

As a Seller, it is essential to protect yourself as much as possible when collecting orders from new buyers. You can request an order minimum or deposit on the order if you have Invoicing enabled or request it after the order is placed. We also recommend specifying Terms of Sale to cover any scenarios where a dispute may occur.


7) What if it's a small order? Do I still get charged the full amount?

Yes, the fee is a flat fee for a successful connection and is not dependent on the size of the order. Once the connection is made, you will have a new contact and the opportunity to do future business together. Even if that first order is small, the return on investment can potentially pay off multiple times over with subsequent orders. Remember, you can always set a minimum order amount, but keep in mind that this may also likely discourage new buyers from placing an initial order.


8) Are there refunds on the Order Fee?

No. The premise of Connect Marketplace is based on a virtual trade show or marketing fee. We see this as a unique system where you receive prime positioning with a buyer instead of them searching through other brands like most marketplaces. Instead of charging for the marketing services we provide for you on every presentation we send to buyers, we charge when a buyer places a purchase order.

We do, however, understand that there are always extenuating circumstances. If you feel like you have had a particular issue with your Order Fee, or fraudulent or improper use by a buyer, please feel free to send us a message via our support team's chat or on our e-mail support@brandboom.com. We will, of course, investigate and review all issues for refunds.


9) Will I be guaranteed any orders? 

No. We believe the chances of finding buyers for your products are higher on our platform because we try to match you with appropriate buyers at the right time. However, like any line sheet or presentation you send out, there is no guarantee that a buyer will make an order. The best thing you can do is continue to make kick-ass products that everyone will want!


Auto Mode FAQ

1) Why is Auto Mode on for me?

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI), like any AI, takes time to assess your profile, products, and preferences so that it can provide the best possible results for you. As a new user of the system, you may not have enough information for us to provide you with accurate results. By having your proposals sent to more people initially, we can get faster feedback and start providing you better results quicker. Once we have "great" quality matches for you, we will update your profile, and you can start taking control of the wheel yourself.

We do, however, feel Auto Mode is such a unique value-add for your workflow that we're not sure why you'd want to turn it off?


2) What's with the new Auto Mode settings?

We've analyzed a lot of data (like, a lot, a lot), performed tests, and worked out that our AI is indeed rather clever. There are lots of sales opportunities being missed with existing clientele. So we've consolidated Auto Connect and ReConnect into one Auto Mode to target both new and existing customers efficiently. We give you three Auto Mode options to allow you to select whom you would like to target. Again, if you would like to use Manual Mode (if eligible for your profile), you can use that.


3) So why are you sending presentations to our existing customers now?

We feel it's the best and most efficient use of Auto Mode. We give your existing buyers a nudge or reminder about you at appropriate times. You also have flexibility with which buyers we contact.


4) Can I turn off Auto Mode?

Yes, you can, but it's important to understand what that means. If you don't have enough activity generated, you will not be able to propose manually. Essentially, Connect will be disabled for your Account.

If you do have enough activity, you can propose manually, but you will likely need to spend a lot of time doing this yourself every day. Auto Mode uses data to learn and find better and better matches allowing you to save time to focus on other things while it runs for you daily.

If you insist on turning Auto Mode off, we highly recommend you speak to your Account Manager or Support team for tips and advice on how to increase your matches faster.


5) How much does it cost to use Auto Mode?

There is no additional charge for Auto Mode; it's just a handy feature that you can opt to turn on or off (if you qualify).


6) What if I want to stop my Presentation from being sent out?

You can disable Auto Mode at any time and go through your Proposal History to recall any proposals that are still pending. However, if a buyer drafts an order before the presentation is disabled, they may still be able to submit that order.


7) What is Brandboom doing to help me get orders? 

Brandboom uses artificial intelligence technology to connect you to buyers whom we believe would be an excellent fit for you based on many factors, including your order history, product type, and preferences. We also provide our industry-leading line sheet product to help showcase your products and take orders.

If you have turned Auto Mode on, the engine will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to send out your presentations at appropriate times to potential buyers. Think of Auto Mode as your 24/7 sales rep who is working for you across the world.


8) Can I put a limit on how many orders I collect? 

You can control whether you want it to send out proposals or revoke ones that have already been sent if you no longer wish to collect orders. However, it might be possible for buyers who have already started an order from your proposal to place them still.

9) What if I want to stop collecting orders?

You can opt to stop Connect from sending any new proposals and revoke any existing proposals you sent out.


Brandboom Connect Marketplace and Auto or Manual Mode's use are subject to the fair use of Brandboom's Terms of Service. Any attempts to cheat, defraud, or abuse orders, customers, or the Brandboom system will result in immediate suspension of your service.