Connect for Buyers

Brandboom Connect allows Sellers to browse recommended Buyers in the system and send them proposal presentations.

Improve Chances of Being Recommended to Sellers

Your chances of being recommended to Sellers depend on the amount of engagement you have in our system.

To improve your chances, we recommend:

  • Viewing Presentations
  • Placing Orders
  • Opening Connect Proposals you are interested in
  • Engaging with a wide variety of Sellers

Improve Quality of Match

As a Buyer, you will not be able to browse for Sellers or specify which Sellers can find you. However, you can fill out your Buyer Profile to let Sellers know what types of products and Brands you carry. That will help them decide if you would be a good match.

To improve the quality of your matches, we recommend:

  • Filling out your Buyer Profile as much as possible
  • Viewing Connect Proposals you are interested in
  • Clicking on "Interested" when viewing Proposals you like
  • Placing Orders