Connect Marketplace for Buyers

Note: Brandboom Connect will be phased out/sunset on February 29, 2024, and will be replaced by new Marketplaces on Brandboom.  As a buyer, you can apply for access to Brandboom Marketplace here.

Brandboom Connect Marketplace is an AI-driven marketplace that provides introductions between sellers and buyers that fit each other's profiles.  To enable access, you will need:

  1. A Verified Buyer Account
  2. Completed Profile including Product Categories, Trade Show Categories, and opt-in to receive Connect Digests

Completing Your Profile

To receive access to Connect Marketplace, simply registering and verifying your account isn't enough.  You need to select at least one Product Category for business.  To do this you need to access your Account Settings > Preferences tab.  You can add to your profile by selecting:

  • Top (Product) Categories - select at least one
  • Price Range - optional - an indication as to what pricepoint you sell
  • Top Trade Shows - optional - you can select trade shows that you visit, or match your profile, even if you don't participate in them



Additionally, you can select your delivery preferences for e-mail updates.  Don't worry, all of these will reflect and update on your Buyer Feed.



Improve Quality of Matches

As a Buyer, you will not be able to browse for Sellers or specify which Sellers can find you. However, you can fill out your Buyer Profile to let Sellers know what types of products and brands you carry. That will help them decide if you would be a good match.

To improve the quality of your matches, we recommend interactions such as:

  • Viewing Connect Proposals you are interested in
  • Clicking on "Like This" (either Yes or No) on presentations to let our system know your preferences
  • Favoriting Products (star icon)
  • Removing Presentations (X on the top right of seller card) from your Buyer Feed 
  • Placing Orders