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Connect Marketplace - Presentation Design Guide


Note: Brandboom Connect will be phased out/sunset on February 29, 2024.  For further information on the phase-out, and to learn about our new Brandboom Marketplace, please review this article.

The phase-out of Connect will not affect any areas of the platform. (i.e. line sheets, order management, inventory, etc...)

Basic Requirements

Presentations used for our Connect Marketplace will be reviewed before being proposed to buyers.  We want your presentation and products to look as amazing as possible, and be presented in the best possible light, so you have the best chance of success.  

Here are the main factors we take into consideration when reviewing your Presentation: 


  • Branding and lifestyle images
  • A clear title of your brand and collection
  • A Brand Story to explain more about your Brand (You can add this under the About the Brand section, please see here.)
  • Clear, organized, high-quality product images 
  • Organized Product sections with appropriate labeling with Title/Blurb sections (Check here to know more about the different sections)
  • Consistent organization of Products and Sections


  • Missing brand story, lifestyle images, or product images
  • Outbound links of any kind (email, website)
  • Inconsistent organization of Products and Sections
  • Missing product images and wholesale prices
  • Missing wholesale prices

Branding or Lifestyle Images

Presentations that only contain Product tiles won't make as strong an impression as ones that have additional images. Add a quality photo of your products or images to represent your Brand to give the viewer a better idea of what you have to offer.

Brand or Company Background/Story

Remember that this is the first time Buyers will see your Brand. Set yourself apart and personalize your Proposal with some text about your Brand and descriptions of your products.

*You can use the About The Brand feature as part of your line sheet.

Optimize for a Strong First Impression

Product Photos

The images you use for your products may be the most important part of your Proposal. When Buyers preview your Proposal, they will see your Product images featured first. 

You don't have to have high-end photography, but make sure your products shine by avoiding poor quality images.  Messy and unappealing backgrounds should be avoided - try and get clean/clear or white background.

Include extra angles or views so the Buyer will really know what they'd be getting.

If your images leave the Buyer guessing or doubtful about the quality of your product, the Buyer may not reach out to learn more.

Know your Audience

What works for one market may not work for another. Design your Proposal to appeal to the Buyers you want to reach and style it for the appropriate tastes.

Protect Yourself From Bad Orders

Set Up Deposit Requirement

If you have Invoicing set up and have a Stripe account linked, you can set a deposit requirement that must be paid when the Order is placed.

This will ensure that you have at least an initial deposit in case the Buyer backs out of the Order.

The amount or percentage you require can be set in the Presentation's Settings.

Set an Order Minimum

If you'd like to avoid Orders that are too small to be worth your while, you can specify an order minimum in the Presentation Settings. 

Include Terms of Sale

In your Order Settings, you can specify Terms of Sale that the Buyer will see on the Order Form and must agree to when placing their Order.

Although there is no guarantee the Buyer will honor the Terms, it may help clarify misunderstandings or provide you with some claim in case of disputes.



We've also created an article regarding top common mistakes of making a line sheet and you can read that here


Example Ideal Presentation Setup for Connect Marketplace

Click here to check it out: