Create a Regional Showroom

Regional Showroom (formerly known as sub-showroom) are typically used to establish showrooms in other regions with the same products. Products can have a different language and currency. Products are copied and updated from the main brand showroom (formerly known as master showroom) but Orders in Regional Showrooms are not shared with the Brand Showroom.

Create a Regional Showroom

Click the Showroom icon in the left-hand panel to open the Showrooms Menu and click "Add Showroom."

1) A window will pop up displaying your options. Select Regional Showroom. A dropdown will appear. Please select which brand you want to create a regional showroom for.

2) Click "Next." Fill in the name of the regional showroom, it's website, language, currency format and default price list.


3) In the next window, enter the new Regional Showroom's logo and brand description.


After clicking "Create Showroom" you will be able to access the remaining Showroom Settings.