Create and Send an Invoice

Complete Order and Choose a Customer

Before creating an invoice, you must have these 2 things done on your Order:

  1. Set the Order Status to Complete
  2. Choose a Customer (create a new one if needed)

Method 1: Click New Invoice to Add all Products

  1. Click the "New Invoice" button in the toolbar
  2. When prompted, click "Yes" to add all products from the Order to a new invoice

Method 2: Select Products and Use Add to Invoice 

1. Select products individually by checking the box to the left of the product thumbnail or you can select all.

2. Click 'Add to Invoice' at the lower right corner of the page

3. Click the "Add All" to add all the products to a new invoice

4. You can create additional invoices by repeating these steps.

Switch View between Order and Invoice

You can switch between Invoices and the Order Form by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the page.

Send An Invoice to a Buyer

Send Invoice

At the bottom of the Invoice, check the boxes for the payment options (Stripe Direct or Paypal) you would like to offer the Buyer.

Click the 'Send' button from the Status label or at the bottom of the form.

Invoice Email Notification and Status Change

An email will be sent to the buyer allowing them to view it online, and the Invoice Status will change to "Sent." 

The "Send" button at the bottom will change to "Resend" so you can send it to your Buyer again if needed.

When the Buyer views the Invoice, the "Sent" Status will be changed to "Viewed."

NOTE: If a buyer is approved for Slope Net 60, status will automatically be marked as "PAID".

Payment prompt for Buyer

When the Buyer opens the Invoice, they will see the payment buttons at the bottom of the form.


If the user clicks "Pay Invoice", a payment prompt will appear, where they can:

  • enter Credit Card number
  • add notes
  • specify the payment amount they wish to apply

After the Buyer clicks "Charge Card" the payment will be authorized and charged to their credit card. The payment will also be recorded on the Invoice automatically.




Re-send an Invoice to a Buyer

After an Invoice has initially been sent, the Invoice will reflect the "Sent" status. You can send the buyer an email again to link them to this invoice online by clicking "Resend" at the bottom of the form.


NOTE: StartUp plan has Invoicing feature and Business plan has Invoicing+ feature. Please check this article to know more about the difference between the two.