Direct traffic from e-commerce site to your Brandboom presentations

Since sharing Products with your Buyers on Brandboom is Presentation-based, there is no way to direct a visitor from a webpage to a wholesale "shop".

The following are common ways that Brandboom users connect their Buyers from their e-commerce site to Brandboom pages.

Link to Showroom Landing Page

Build a page on your e-commerce site with a link to your Brandboom showroom URL (e.g. 

The Showroom URL offers a Brandboom-side landing page that allows your buyers to access your presentations via Access Code.

Link directly to specific Brandboom Presentations

Build a page on your e-commerce site (password-protected if desired) that contains direct links to your Brandboom presentations.

For example:

Contact information

Build a page on your e-commerce site that simply provides your contact information for wholesale inquiries.

When the Buyer contacts you, you can send them the appropriate presentation links directly.