Edit an Invoice after payment has been applied

When an Invoice has been generated for an Order, the originating Order Form will be locked from further edits.

Since Invoices and Orders are linked in Brandboom, it will not be possible to edit the original Order Form independently.

To unlock the Order Form, you will need to remove (or refund if necessary) any payments on connected Invoices and then delete the Invoices.

Remove Payments

The first step is to remove all payments. You don't have to refund the payments, just remove their record from the Invoice. The payment record can later be re-applied manually after changes are made if desired.

Here's how to Delete a Payment from an Invoice

Edit Invoice and Re-apply payments

After all payments have been deleted, make the desired changes to the invoice and then manually add payments back. If the original payment was processed through Stripe and the charge was not refunded, simply log the payment as a plain Credit Card (not Stripe) and include the charge amount.


Note: To avoid having to refund and re-charge your Buyer, you can simply remove a payment from an Invoice. After you've made the appropriate edits to the Order Form, you can manually log the original payment onto a later Invoice.