flowPAY for Buyers


flowfy has partnered with Brandboom to provide value-added services to the Brandboom platform.  For buyers/retailers, we are pleased to offer flowPAY as part of our beta program.


flowPAY -  Receive a credit line and Net 60 terms through flowfy.  As with any offer of credit, we will need to request information from you for assessment.  Some of the criteria includes:

  1. You have a legal business, registered as a US business entity
  2. You have a business that has established financing or trade credit account(s) that show a positive credit history
  3. You have a business that has been operating for longer than one year (12 months)

Credit is assessed on multiple criteria and each case is different.  For the beta period (Q2/Q3 - 2021), the best way to receive access as a buyer is to purchase from brands/sellers that you already work with that use Brandboom.


flowSHIP and flowPAY (for sellers) - Please refer to this article regarding flowfy services for brands/sellers.  


As flowPAY services are currently in beta testing, we encourage you to reach out to Support or work with existing brands that use Brandboom, for further information.