Future vs. At-Once

In Brandboom, we allow 2 types of orders: Future and At-Once. You will see these options on each Order and in Presentation Settings.

Here's how we define the two:


Future or pre-book orders are orders for a future delivery, usually for an upcoming season's goods that have yet to be manufactured. A Ship Date is usually set to indicate the expected delivery date.

Future orders draw from Future inventory if you choose to fill in that column on your SKU view for products. While some businesses cap the quantity for specific Ship Dates and may wish to limit how many units can be sold, we currently do not offer this ability.


At-Once orders, Immediates, or Available to Sell (ATS) are orders for stock that is available or on hand to be fulfilled right away.

At-Once orders is often limited to a specific quantity of available units and will deduct from At-Once inventory if  inventory has been set up.