Getting Started - Advanced Product Options - Pre-Packs and SKUs

Add pre-packs and define SKUs for your product

Brandboom Support - CREATE - Advanced Product Options - Pre-Packs & SKUs

You have the option of clicking inside your product and adding a Prepack.  Prepacks are there for your buyers to buy in a set size ratio.  For example, every time they buy 2 smalls, they also have to buy 2 mediums and 2 large, so they have to purchase in sets of 6.


If you click on 'SKU', you’ll get a view of the SKU level of your product.

download (24)


As your example style 001 has 2 color-ways and 3 sizes, you’ll have 6 SKUs.  You can either go in here and input your own:

download (25)


or if you would like you can click on 'Create SKU' and we’ll help you auto-generate some.

download (25)

You’ll also see a yellow column here under 'Starting Inventory':

download (27)


You can list how much stock you have on hand.  If your product is made to order, or you don’t have any stock on hand, you can go ahead and leave that blank.


Once you’ve made all the necessary changes, go ahead and click on the 'Save' button.  You can either exit out from here by clicking on the 'X' or you can go back to the SOS table to make more changes.

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