Getting Started - Marketplaces on Brandboom

A brief overview of our Brandboom Marketplaces.

Brandboom has been around for 10+ years, and in that time, we've built a network of over 200,000+ vetted, active retailers. Brandboom Marketplaces are the best way to find new retailers for your brand. Here's a brief overview of each marketplace.

Brandboom Marketplace

The Brandboom Marketplace features men's and women's contemporary, casual, streetwear, and lifestyle brands.  This is a new and elevated experience for buyers to discover your products.

Buyers can discover brands using our new marketplace format, and even search for specific products to help them realize their theme, look, or preferences. This marketplace runs using Brandboom Payments, which provides the following benefits:
  • Buyers can pay with Slope Net 60, giving them an extra 60 days to pay an invoice.
  • Regardless of whether the buyer pays with Credit Card or Slope Net 60, you will be paid upon delivery - guaranteed.

You can learn more about Brandboom Marketplace with the following articles:


Coming Soon - Brandboom Kids Marketplace

Stay tuned for updates - April 2024.


How to Submit

You can submit your brand for consideration in the 'Marketplaces' tab on your menu bar. 

Submission does not guarantee entry or acceptance. Each marketplace has guidelines and rules for acceptance. Please review the following guides before submitting.