Getting Started - Order Form (Seller Side)

What options and things to do once your Order Form has been completed by a Buyer

Brandboom Support - COLLECT - Order Form (Seller Side)


Once an order is placed, Brandboom will email you an order confirmation. You can also access all of your orders here:

download (73)

When the order first comes in, it will show up as a processing order like this:

download (74)


This means that the order will need to be verified, and once you are ready to move forward, you can mark an order as complete and change the status here: (6)


With the Business plan, you can convert the purchase orders into an invoice.  We have an integration with Stripe and Paypal, which are two payment processors that your buyers can pay through.  If you prefer invoice your buyer yourself or to use another accounting system, you can export the orders into Quickbooks, Xero, or custom CSV format.