Getting Started - Presentation (Buyer Side)

Understand what a Buyer can see and do with your Presentation

Brandboom Support - COLLECT - Presentation (Buyer Side)

Let’s see what the presentation looks like from the Buyer portal.  What you see here is the landing page:

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 11.21.44 AM


A buyer has to input their email address, but they are not required to create a Brandboom Buyer account.  Once the buyer inputs their email, we’ll send you an email that the buyer is looking at your presentation.  You can then choose to follow up if they haven’t placed an order yet.


Once the buyer inputs their login details, they will see a line sheet similar to this: (3)


They can browse through the products, click on the styles to see a high-resolution image.  Compared to the PDF, you can see its a lot more interactive, and this version will ensure that the buyer is getting the most up to date information.  The best part is that they can order directly from this link, instead of having to call or email in their order.


Buyers can select the styles that they want by clicking on the order button:  

download (64)


When they are ready to checkout, they can click on the shopping cart at the top right corner and check out:

download (66)


This will redirect the buyer to a Purchase Order form.