How Share Links Work

See How Presentations Work to understand the basic concept of Presentations on Brandboom.

Share Link Components

Each Share Link contains the following information:

  • Address of the Presentation
  • Access Code to identify the "Link Creator"

Both pieces of information are required for the link to work, and this information is completely hidden in the coded link by default.

Link Creator

The user who logs in and generates a Share Link is considered the Link Creator.

Every user is a different Link Creator and will get a different Share Link generated for them.

It's important to use the correct link because the Link Creator will:

  • be set as the Sales Agent on any Orders placed through this unique Link
  • be the primary recipient of email notifications about Presentation Views and Orders placed
  • have primary access to a list of the viewers under the Presentation's Viewer History

If a user sends out a link that they didn't create, it can create confusion and give credit to the original Link Creator instead.

Access Codes

For more information on how Access Codes work, see Access Code Overview.