How to Manage Brandboom Marketplace Orders

Congratulations on getting your Brandboom Marketplace order!


All orders from Brandboom Marketplace will have a marketplace icon so that it will be easy for you to differentiate them from other orders. 


Click on the order to review it. You can either accept or decline the order. 

NOTE: Brandboom Marketplace Orders charge a 10% commission fee regardless of whether the buyer is new to you or someone who has purchased from you before. You WILL NOT get charged if you decline the order. 


Steps on Completing the Order and Getting Paid:

1. Once you accept the order, the system will ask you for an "expected ship date." (You can still change or update this later on.)

2. Once you click on confirm under the expected ship date pop-up, the order will be automatically marked as CONFIRMED. You will also see "Payment Method Authorized" under the order summary, which means that the buyer has already provided and authorized a payment method for the order, and Brandboom has this on file. 

3. Brandboom is the Merchant of Record (MoR) for Brandboom Marketplace orders. This means that you will only get paid via Stripe Express. There is no need to ask the buyer for cash/check/credit card, etc

You'll need to create an invoice when you're ready to ship the items. For every order, Brandboom withholds an additional amount of money from the Buyer, on top of the order amount, to allow you to add shipping costs.  You will need to add these costs to the order/invoice to be paid this amount. After you are ready to ship, you will also need to create a shipment and make sure to add a valid tracking number. 

Please Note: Brandboom collects payment for your order, so you don't need to worry about it. Any attempts to capture this from the buyer or circumvent the process may result in suspension or removal from the Brandboom Marketplace and the platform.

4. Funds will be visible sometime after the shipment is in carrier possession and will only be available/released for you to access 5 to 7 days after delivery.


For more information, please check Brandboom Marketplace FAQs here.