How to Preview a Buyer Link

Before you send a Presentation share link to your buyer, it's a good idea to preview the link to see how it will appear to your buyer.  However, if you are logged into Brandboom, the link may not display accurately in your browser.

Here are the steps we recommend to get an accurate preview:

  1. Generate a share link by clicking the Share button next to the Presentation you wish to share. To learn more about sharing a Presentation, see this article.


2) Click the Preview button to open the link in a new tab.


3) Or copy the link and paste it into a "private" window (e.g. "Incognito" in Chrome) to view the link so you won't be logged into your Brandboom account when previewing.

What happens when a buyer clicks your share link?

When a buyer clicks on the link, they will be prompted to enter their email address before viewing the Presentation. If they are not a registered Brandboom user, they will also be asked to confirm their email. You as the seller will be automatically notified when the buyer views your link.