How to Use flowPAY (for Sellers)

NOTE: Please make sure that you (seller) have access to flowPAY. If not, you can check here to apply.


Please check this video for a walkthrough on how to use flowPAY:

HubSpot Video


To use flowPAY:

1. When you're sending an invoice to a buyer, make sure you have flowPAY checked off.

2. The buyer, then, has to confirm and pre-authorized the payment from their end.

3. Once the buyer has pre-authorized it, you should see the "Charge" button and the date that you have to shipped the order.

4. You (Seller) will receive your money within 2 business days and the buyer will get Net 60 terms.


Please check this video for a walkthrough on how to access your flowPAY account:

HubSpot Video


You can access your flowPAY account by:

1. Click on an order that's already marked as paid.

2. Click "View Payments" to check the details of your payment. Click the "Transaction ID" and you will be redirected to flowfy's website.

3. You'll see all your flowfy transactions and check the status of the invoices.

Preauthorized - Buyer has pre-authorized the payment for the order

Pending - Waiting on flowfy's payment