How to Use flowSHIP

Please make sure that you have a flowfy account first before proceeding with the steps below. If you don't have an account yet, please refer to this article


Please check this video for a walkthrough on how to use flowSHIP:

flowSHIP with Brandboom_updates with Calculator



To use flowSHIP:

1. Go to your Brandboom Order page and select any order that hasn't been shipped yet.

2. Update the order status to "Complete" and you should be able to see the flowSHIP widget. You can check your estimated rate right away to see if you prefer that over other shipping carriers. 

3. You can then click "Add Shipment" or "Create Invoice". Both will lead to creating an invoice for the order.

4.1 If you clicked on "Add Shipment", system will automatically create an invoice and take you to "Record Shipment" tab right away. Please check step 5. 

4.2 If you clicked on "Create Invoice", an invoice will be created and you can click on "Not Shipped"

or "View Shipments" to create a flowSHIP shipment on Brandboom.

5. Make sure you select flowSHIP as your shipping provider. You can also select or create a new "Ship from Address"

6. After clicking "Confirm", you will be redirected to flowfy's website. Make sure all the information is correct before clicking "Next".

7. Input your parcel information. (I.e. Dimensions, weight, reference#, etc.) and make sure to click "Save All".

8. Select the rate you're okay with and click "Confirm".

Published Rate: Rate that will be held on your account.

Estimated Rate: Rate that you'll get charged with. This is estimated only so you may be charged with a higher or lower rate on final confirmation of weight, sizing, and any applicable freight taxes.


9. Print the shipping labels and you'll see all the shipments have been updated on Brandboom.