I have both Paid and Free users in my Team. What can Free users in my Team do?

Free Users have limited access

It's important to understand that Free users do not have access to paid features, even if they are part of a Team that contains Paid users. 

For more information on how Brandboom's individual or "per user" Subscriptions work, see Individual User Subscriptions and Limitations.

What can Free users in my Team do?

If you have Free team members in your Showroom, they can:

  • View all Products
  • View Presentations*
  • Create Products (up to their limit)*
  • Edit Product information*
  • Upload and manage Product images*
  • Edit Product Prices*
  • Create Presentations (up to their limit)
  • Edit Presentations*
  • Generate and send their own Presentation links
  • See a list of Orders
  • Open Orders (up to their limit)
  • Write Orders (up to their limit)
  • Manage Showroom Settings*
  • Manage Showroom users*

*requires permission to be granted within Showroom


Additionally, if a Free user is granted Account Owner status, they can:

  • View Subscription Page
  • Manage Subscriptions and payments
  • Manage Billing
  • Manage Notification Settings and Team Permissions within the Team
  • Manage Customers List

Common Uses for Free Team Members

  1. Assistive Role - You may have a designer or a data entry assistant whose job is to add images and ensure that Product information is all correct.
  2. Trial Sales Agent - If you're bringing on a new Sales Agent but aren't sure if they will collect enough Orders to warrant an upgrade, you can start them with the Free account and upgrade them only when they end up collecting enough.
  3. Accounting - You may want to provide your Accounting team with a login so they can review your Subscription charges and update your credit card on file.