Importing Products from Shopify

If you haven't set up your Shopify Account, please see this article here: How to Connect to Shopify.

Import Products

1. Log in to your Brandboom account and go to the Products page

2. Click on the "Import" button and click "From Shopify"

3. To import products faster, you'll have to put your products into a "Collection" on Shopify. You can also choose to import all products if you like. 

Merge existing products - this will only add/replace products that have already been created on Brandboom. Any other products will not import, you will have to uncheck "merge with existing products".


4. Click 'Import'. Your wait time will depend on how many products you are importing. 

5. Happy importing! The Shopify icon on the bottom of the product tile means that the product was imported from Shopify.

Note: You may click the "settings" button if you want to edit the Shopify Import Settings.


* "Do Not Import" means that you do not want to import that information from Shopify to Brandboom. This also means that you may edit the data in Brandboom. 

* Product Style can also be changed from Product Title to "First Variant SKU". Please contact your account manager or message support to update this for you.

* You can choose either Split or Merge for your products. You can check this article to know which one is best for you. For users who have orders created and have initially merged their products and want to split the products now, please contact support or your account manager. 

* If you prefer to merge your products but want your product options to have their own images, you can toggle this feature on for your presentations. 


FAQ and Troubleshooting

1. Where can I see the import status?

  • You can see the import status by clicking on the 'Import' button > Import History on the products page.

If the import failed, you should see a new “import history” row being created. It should have a status of “error” and if you click on the error link, it will download a CSV that tells you what went wrong.

If the import has worked correctly, the status should say “complete”, and there are counts for the number of products imported/updated and the counts for the number of SKUs imported/updated.


2. What happens if I rename/type over an existing option or size in Shopify?

  • Per Shopify behavior, Brandboom will also treat this as just a rename. The SKU number and inventory count will remain intact. This is usually the scenario when you have a typo and you need to fix it without unlinking everything.

3. How do I properly remove an old option/size and add a new one?

  • Instead of typing over your old option/size field directly (which will make Shopify/Brandboom think that you’re just fixing a typo), you should delete the old option and then create the new one.
4. I uploaded/updated/deleted my images, how come they are not reflected in Brandboom?
  • You must make non-inventory-related product changes for the sync to happen. If you only update images, auto-sync will not be triggered.
5. My new products in Shopify are not being synced to Brandboom. Why is that?
  • New products are not automatically transferred. You must import them via the Shopify Import Widget inside of Brandboom first.
6. Why can’t I edit some of the fields of products imported from Shopify?
  • In order to to keep information consistent, you are not allowed to edit information that came from Shopify. However, you are able to edit fields that are not available in Shopify (ex: Ship Date).
7. What happens when I delete a product in Shopify?
  • Assuming you have not disconnected Shopify from Brandboom, your product will get marked as deleted in Brandboom as well. However, if a specific variant/SKU is already used in an active order (passed complete and not set to exported) in Brandboom, that variant will get detached from the product. You wouldn’t be able to access that “orphaned” variant anymore, but it’s still active and tied to the order. If you do decide to re-add the variant again in Shopify, the variant will show up in Brandboom again. The Brandboom inventory count will not be reset.