Individual User Subscriptions and Limitations

Understanding Individual or "Per User" Subscriptions

Brandboom's subscription is limited to each individual user and not an entire organization or team.

This gives you the flexibility of upgrading only the users you need and downgrading individual users when they no longer need access to paid features.

If you've set up a Team of users on Brandboom, only those who are upgraded will have their limitations lifted.  Any Free users in your Team will still have the limitations of a Free login. 


For example, if you have a Team of 10 users and only 9 users are paid, the 1 Free user will not be able to take advantage of the benefits afforded to the others.

  • 9 users on Business Plan (full benefits of Plan)
  • 1 user on Free Plan (limited abilities)

What can Free users in my Team do?

See I have Paid and Free users in my Team. What can Free users in my Team do?