ApparelMagic Integration

Connect ApparelMagic with Brandboom and enjoy a seamless workflow

Brandboom has built a native integration with ApparelMagic.  ApparelMagic is an ERP platform that helps manage products, inventory, production, logistics, and much more.  The Brandboom integration allows you to sync your Products, Inventory, Customers, and Orders.  Please note, that in most instances, ApparelMagic will be the "source of truth".  

To get started, you need to make sure you have :

  • An eligible Brandboom plan (refer to
  • An eligible ApparelMagic plan
  • Your API Token from ApparelMagic - available by clicking Settings > Integrations > Brandboom within ApparelMagic

Connecting Brandboom to ApparelMagic

The process for connecting the two systems together is quite simple, on a technology level, but it will require some onboarding and training.  Please contact Brandboom Support (via chat or email) or your Account Manager for further details including pricing and fees, onboarding guidance, and general support.


This is a Premium Integration and is subject to applicable additional fees. Additional fees from ApparelMagic may apply.