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Introduction to Connect Marketplace

How does it work, and what are all the different modes?

Note: Brandboom Connect will be phased out/sunset on February 29, 2024.  For further information on the phase-out, and to learn about our new Brandboom Marketplace, please review this article.

The phase-out of Connect will not affect any areas of the platform. (i.e. line sheets, order management, inventory, etc...)


Connect Marketplace is an AI-based Marketplace that is an enhancement or add-on to Brandboom. Its focus is to build long-term relationships with buyers based on brand and buyer alignment. We market your brand and products to provide highly relevant matches and connections based on interactions on the platform such as orders, views, clicks, and site activity.  Here are the different ways you can use it:

Connect works best for brands when our system has gathered sufficient activity/data on their account such as:

  • Buyers browsing and clicking on products
  • Open or successful orders placed from buyers
  • Activity from other marketplaces on Brandboom


Auto Mode:

Will target the best matches for you automatically and present to them at the appropriate time. Auto Mode is working 24/7 to capture orders from relevant buyers. There are three settings you may select:


Connect Buyers - We will automatically market to both new buyers you have never worked with before as well as existing buyers that were previously introduced to you via Connect Marketplace only.

My Buyers - Auto Mode can market to buyers you have previously worked with outside of Connect. For example, if a buyer placed an order directly with you via a share link or manual order at a trade show, we can now manage them for you automatically.

All Buyers - Auto Mode will market to both Connect Buyers and My Buyers (per above). You can set and forget and watch those orders come in automatically.


Fees for using Connect Marketplace:

Connect Marketplace is a marketing service that constantly provides you with AI-driven introductions to new buyers and highly relevant targeting of existing brands. We provide buyers with tools they trust and utilize daily, including digests, updates, and dashboards with relevant marketing information on brands. However, we only charge fees when an order is placed.


For first orders with new buyers, a flat-rate fee is applicable for the introduction. A discounted flat-rate fee is applicable for any additional orders with the same buyer placed through Connect. Please note that if you work with that buyer outside of Connect and they order via that presentation, we won't charge you any fees.


No Monthly/Annual Subscription required:

Connect Marketplace is available on all of our plans (Free / Startup / Business); the fees are separate from our subscription plans. If you upgrade to a paid Brandboom subscription, you will get more access to our platform's features.


For current pricing, please visit https://www.brandboom.com/pricing



Manual Mode:

Manual Mode is available for qualified* users and allows you to select who you present to manually. While you have more control, it also is much more time-consuming for you to manage this daily.


*A qualified user is when the Brandboom AI determines it has enough information about you/your brand/showroom to accurately present to customers. Interactions play a huge role in determining this. Interactions include collecting orders, profile visits, favorites, and profile likes by Buyers. It usually takes 4-8 weeks for NEW users to Brandboom to become qualified.