Invite a User to Brandboom

This article explains how to invite a person to work with you in your showroom (sales rep, collaborator, admin).

1. Invite User to Showroom

Invite the new user to your Showroom(s) using their email address. If they don't have a Brandboom account, they will be prompted to create one.

2. Manage Showroom Permissions

Once they join your Showroom, they can see your products, build presentations, and more. If you wish to limit their access or grant additional permissions, you will need to do so in the Team Settings of the Showroom.

3. Manage Teams & Settings

The new user will either appear in your Inside Team or in an Outside Team. Here's the difference. If you need to move the user from one team to another, please contact a Brandboom Admin.

If they are on your Team, please be sure to set their Account/Team Permissions and Notification Settings as well.

4. Manage Subscriptions

Each user must have their own paid subscription to remove any limitations on their login. They can start out with a Free account but will quickly run into limitations if they are working with orders or building products.

To upgrade their account on their behalf, visit your Subscription page. You will be responsible for their fees. If you decide to cancel their account, you must request a downgrade for their login. Removing the user from your showrooms will not downgrade their account.