Join/Opt Out of Connect Marketplace as a Buyer

Note: Brandboom Connect will be phased out/sunset on February 29, 2024, and will be replaced by new Marketplaces on Brandboom.  As a buyer, you can apply for access to Brandboom Marketplace here.


Please note that Connect Marketplace is only available to Verified Buyers

Opt-In as a Buyer

To opt-in to our Connect Marketplace, you will need to have done the following:

  1. Have a Verified Buyer Account on Brandboom
  2. Complete your Profile with appropriate Categories and Trade Show information as well as opt-in to receiving Connect Digest communication

Opt-Out as a Buyer or Unsubscribe from Connect Emails

To opt-out of our Connect Marketplace, you will need to login to your Buyer Account, then click on your Account Settings > Preferences


You can then choose your delivery settings.  By selecting "Never" - you will stop receiving Connect Digest notifications.