Set, Manage & Request Order Deposits

Set an Order Deposit Requirement

Initial Requirements

Note: To use this feature, you must have:

  1. Invoicing enabled (See Invoicing Articles)
  2. Stripe Account or PayPal Account Connected

Specify Deposit Percentage in Presentation

In your Presentation's Settings, enter a percentage value or dollar amount you would like to require as a deposit before the Buyer can place an Order. Each presentation can have a different deposit percentage (optional).

Deposit Requirement on Buyer's Order Form

When your Buyer goes to place an Order through this particular presentation, they will see a "Deposit Required" box at the bottom of the Order Form.


After clicking the "Place Order" button, a prompt will appear, asking the Buyer to pay via credit card or PayPal.

Once the deposit has been paid, the box will then change to say "Deposit Paid." The Buyer can click to view a record of their payment.


Deposit on Order

When an Order has been received with a Deposit applied, you can view the Deposit in the Deposit Paid box at the bottom.

Apply Deposit to Invoice

The Deposit will exist similar to a "Credit" which can be applied to any Invoice.

When you create a New Invoice, you will be asked if you would like to apply the Deposit. 

If you click 'Apply', you will see a confirmation message.

The Deposit will then be applied to the Invoice at the bottom. The remaining balance will be the amount requested from your Buyer when the Invoice is sent to them.


View Deposit Record on Invoice

If you apply a Credit/Deposit to an Invoice and click "View Payments," you will see a record of it being applied.

Please note that this record will not contain the actual payment details since it is essentially a credit memo. To view the payment details, view the Payment on the original Order Form.

Request Deposit

Open an Order, click on the More button, and select "Request Deposit"

A panel will appear for you to enter the percentage to request.


Enter a percentage number or $ amount and click "Apply" to add the Deposit Requirement to the Order and a notification will automatically be sent to the Buyer's email.

At the bottom of the Order form, you will see the Deposit Required box.