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Mark a Product as Sold Out on Presentations

There isn't a "Sold Out" status for Products but you have 3 options to display them as such:

  1. Hide a Product by setting it to Inactive 
  2. Set up Inventory and make sure that Available count is 0 or negative
  3. Use a Label in Presentation

Set Inactive

If your goal is to hide a Product so buyers can't order it, the best way to do this is to set it as Inactive. 

When a Product is Inactive and in a Presentation, it will be shown as a faded tile. You can leave the Product in the Presentation in case you'd like to set it back to Active later.

See Set a Product to Inactive for more info.

Set up Inventory

If you want to display an "Out of Stock" button in place of the Order button on a Presentation, it will let Buyers see the Product but not be able to order it.

Make sure that the Product has an Available Inventory count of 0 or less and it will display as "Out of Stock" automatically.

See Set up Inventory to be deducted and Inventory Table for more info.

Use Label in Presentation

To add a small label in the corner of the Product Tile while allowing Buyers to add it to the Order, you can use a Custom Label in the Presentation and enter text to mark it as "Sold Out."

See Add a Label (New, Sale, or Custom) to your Products in a Presentation for more info.