Mixed Subscriptions

By default, all Users in the same Account/Team have to be upgraded to the same matching Plan. 

However, if some users on your team have lesser access needs, they can be set up as Outside Users at the Startup Plan rate.

This is most common for teams that have:

  • Inside Users on the Business Plan who need to build Products and manage Orders
  • Outside Users on the Startup Plan who only need to collect Orders without limitation


When users are on different Accounts/Teams, it's important to remember that:

  • Customer Lists are not shared
  • Outside Users cannot manage Invoices for the Showroom

If the users need to have access to these functions, they must be moved to the same Account/Team, and mixed subscriptions will not be possible.

Set up Different Accounts/Teams

You will first need to make sure that users are moved into the correct Accounts/Teams.

To process a transfer of a user, please contact Support.
(For more info, see Move a User from one Team to another.)

Upgrade Users

Once the users are moved into the right places, you can upgrade them on your Subscription page.

See Pay Subscription fee for a User on a different Account/Team for more info.