Moving units "Out of System" When Shipped and Exported

At some point in the process of fulfilling an order, you'll want to stop tracking the units and mark them as done. For simpler systems, it's usually when the order is "Shipped"' If you are connecting to a warehouse system or another software platform, this would be a "hand-off" step so the next party can coordinate shipping.


Setting an order to Exported lets Brandboom know that you are no longer tracking the units, otherwise, they will continue to pile up.


When orders are set to Exported, their units will appear in the Outbound: Exported column in the Inventory Table. This column lets you know how many of the Committed units are on their way "out of the system" pending the next inventory update.

In this example, if you make an adjustment to the M size row by adding 20 units in the Replace Inventory column, you will see the Exported move to Archived and the Committed units clear. 

Clicking the Save button in the toolbar will apply the changes.


The 20 units you added in (for example, new stock received from manufacturer) would be added to the 1 unit remaining from Available to give you a total of 20 Starting Inventory units and 20 Available (none Committed anymore).