How to create a Multi-Brand Collection

Showcase multiple presentations from different brands with one link.

What is a Multi-Brand Collection?

A Multi-Brand Collection allows you to create Collection that can showcase multiple presentations from different brands that you carry on your account, or even externally if you have permission. From there you will be able to share these different presentations with one simple link. 

Creating a Multi-Brand Collection

A Multi-Brand Collection is created by going into the navigation panel > Showroom > Add New. Once you have created a Multi-Brand Collection, you will be prompted to give a name and description to your first Collection:

You will then be able to copy and paste presentation links from all your different brands into this single Multi-Brand Collection page: 

multicollection 3Screenshot at Oct 23 16-12-29

Sharing your Collection: 

Once you've added your selected presentations to your Multi-Brand Collection, you may generate a link to start sharing it with your customers.

This Multi-Brand Collection link will function the same as a presentation link. Be sure to copy and paste it into your emails and messages to your buyers!