Order Settings

Access Showroom Settings

Click the Showroom Icon in the left-hand panel to open the Showroom Menu and click "Showroom Settings".

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When the Showroom Settings panel appears, switch to the Orders tab at the top. 

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Settings Options

Contact Info

The address and phone number you want buyers to see on your order form. Changing the contact info will only apply to future orders unless you choose otherwise.

Order # Prefix

Every order will have a 1-3 character prefix that you can set here. The default is "BB" and appears in the Order Number (e.g. BB.1). If the prefix is changed, you will have the option of resetting the order number or continuing from the last count.

Order Minimum 

Set a minimum monetary amount for all orders, e.g. $1000. 
If "Enforce Minimum" is unchecked, the Minimum will display but will not be enforced.

To set a different minimum for a specific Presentation, you can do so in each Presentation's Settings. 

Terms of Sale

A custom text field that allows you to include the conditions under which you will complete the sale, refund policies, shipping policies, etc. This box will appear at the bottom of an order. 

Payment Terms

Add and remove which payment terms are available to buyers (e.g. Credit Card, COD, Net 30). These options will appear in a dropdown menu which the buyer must select.

Shipping Options

Add and remove which shipping methods are available to buyers

Custom Fields

Add up to 3 custom fields. Choose also if you wish buyers to edit them. It can be used to take Credit Card information. 

Layout Options

Show VAT Number

Adds a box for the buyer to enter their VAT number. This identifier is used in many countries for Value Added Tax purposes

Show Product Description

By default, the PRODUCT NAME value will display in the Description box on the order form. Check this box to add the product's DESCRIPTION to this text 

Hide Empty Products/Options

Any styles or options of a style that are not ordered will be hidden on the Order Form.

Other Options

Prevent Seller Overselling

At-Once orders cannot be placed if there is not enough inventory

Default Orders to At-Once

Make seller-created orders At-Once orders by default, instead of Future

Auto-Complete Orders 

Automatically set to Complete and deduct inventory for At Once orders, bypassing the Processing stage. 

Auto-Select Customer

Orders coming in with buyer information matching existing customers will have the customer applied automatically. Contact customer service to enable this feature for your account.

Allow Buyers to Select Ship Date

Allow buyers to set their own Ship Date on the Order Form.

Require Buyer Signature

Require the buyer to sign their signature digitally before being able to place the order.

Export Requirements

Choose what information is required before an order can be set to EXPORT.