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Organize Presentations with Folders

Create a Folder

Folders must be created with at least 1 new or existing presentation. If a folder is emptied, it will automatically be deleted.


In the Presentation List, click the New Presentation (NEW) button or click the pencil icon on an existing presentation to bring up the New/Edit Presentation panel.


Click on the Parent Folder dropdown and select "Create a new folder". Type in a Folder name and hit Save.


The new Folder will be added to your Presentations List with a presentation in it.

Add Presentations to a Folder (Method 1)

Simply drag and drop a Presentation into a Folder

Add Presentations to a Folder (Method 2)

Click the pencil icon on the Presentation and select the destination Folder under the Parent Folder section.

Remove a Presentation from a Folder

Follow the steps from Method 2 above and choose "[No Folder]"

Delete a Folder

Click the pencil icon next to the Folder name to Edit Folder and click "Delete Folder"


Note: If all Presentations are removed from a Folder, it will be deleted automatically.