Password Reset Not Working

Here are the most common issues and solutions:

Password Reset Email Went to Spam or Filtered

You should receive an email with a new Temporary Password within minutes. If you don't see it, try the following:

  • Check Spam folder
  • Check Email Filters or Folders
  • Search for emails from "Brandboom"

If you still are not able to locate the email, contact Support for assistance.

Apple Keychain App Interference

If you received the email but the link inside takes you to an Expired page, double check to make sure that the Keychain app on Mac is not interfering with the page. If it does appear and tries to suggest a password for you, make sure to ignore it. 

If you still encounter this error, copy the actual text of the Temporary Password and use that as your password to log in or contact us for further assistance.

Password Reset from Wrong Page

Make sure that you are requesting the password reset from the right page on Brandboom. If you are a Buyer, you should use the Forgot Password link on the Buyer Login page or from a presentation link. If there's a possibility you created a Seller account at some point, we recommend trying the reset from the Seller Login page.