Pay Subscription Fee for a User on a Different Account/Team

On the Subscription Page (available only to Account Owners), you will see all of the users associated with your Account/Team, including users on different Accounts/Teams who are invited to Showrooms with you.

To pay for a user on a different Account/Team, also known as an "Outside User," simply toggle the user's Paid/Free switch

download - 2019-12-17T112044.230


When the switch is activated, a pop-up will appear, explaining that you will be responsible for the user's subscription fees. Click "Pay" to proceed.

download - 2019-12-17T110841.292


You may notice that the Outside User's rate is different from the rate for the users inside your Account/Team. By default, Outside Users can only be added at the Startup Plan rate to allow them to collect orders.

download - 2019-12-17T111430.587


After reviewing the charges, click "Save & Pay" at the bottom of the page to finalize the changes.

download - 2019-12-17T111601.425