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Prevent a User or Buyer from viewing your Presentation

No passwords

At this time, there is no way to protect a Presentation with a password on Brandboom, but you have plenty of features to help you manage viewers.

Ways to prevent unauthorized viewers

Here are ways to manage and limit who views your online Presentations.

1. Control who you send your links to

Only the people you send your links to will be able to find your Presentations. Your online Presentations cannot be searched or found publicly.

2. Monitor Visitors

Whenever a new visitor or viewer accesses your Presentation, they are prompted to enter an email address. 

You will be instantly notified by email if you have enabled notifications. Plus, each Presentation will keep a log of all visitors.

You can check the Visitors list for each Presentation individually or see a consolidated list on your Visitors Page.

3. Disable Links when needed

If you spot an unauthorized visitor or determine you would like to prevent a specific visitor from viewing a Presentation moving forward, you can easily disable the Presentation link they used without having to delete your Presentation.

See Set Presentation to Inactive or Disable for steps on how to do this.

You can then generate a brand new Link for the same presentation and send it out to your "approved" visitors. 

4. Contact unauthorized Link sharers

If you find that one of your authorized visitors is sharing your Link without your permission, you may want to contact them directly to prevent future incidents.

5. Isolate unauthorized Link sharers

If you don't know who is sharing your Links without your permission, you can isolate your Visitors by generating multiple Links to the same Presentation and sending each one to a different group of Buyers. Each Link will have its own Visitor History which you can use to track and isolate the culprit.