Reassign Order to Another Sales Agent

Assign or Reassign Order

By default the Sales Agent for an order is the User (Seller) who logged in and:

  1. Created the order or
  2. Generated the share link through which an order was placed

If you wish to reassign an order to another user in your team, go to the order form and simply click the 'Change' button in the Sales Agent field and pick the new assignee from the pop-up list.

Original Sales Agent and Special Viewing Privilege

If an Order is reassigned from the original Sales Agent to a User on a different team, the original Sales Agent will still have the ability to view the Order, even if their permissions don't normally grant them access.

This is to allow Sales Agents to continue to track orders that have been reassigned and would otherwise be "lost". It prevents Brands from making changes to orders without the original Sales Agent's knowledge.

If you wish to prevent further access by the original Sales Agent, we recommend rebuilding the order with the appropriate Sales Agent instead.