ReConnect - FAQ

ReConnect is a new feature available for users of Connect in Auto Connect mode.  The following are some typical questions asked about this service.

1. When do I get charged?

Applicable rates will be charged to your account on file you when an order is placed by a buyer.  There is no cost to use the Connect product or features such as ReConnect - fees are only charged if someone you have proposed to places an order with you.

2. Why is Brandboom charging for these connections when they are already my customer?

The purpose of ReConnect is to help you manage your customers better.  You may have too many customers to handle all at once, or you might not be able to physically visit a certain region, especially as we've seen with pandemics.  ReConnect is your own, AI-based sales assistant that can help present your products to your existing customers.  For that convenience and level of marketing service, we need to charge a fee.

3. Do I have to use ReConnect?

Nope.  It's entirely optional.  However, we think once you try it, you'll wonder how you went without it!

4. Why is it a flat fee?

As per the standard Connect product, Brandboom is here to help you make a connection (or in this case a ReConnection) with buyers.  Again, we see this as a marketing service, and the nature of wholesale dictates that quantities and orders change all the time, especially if items are not ready yet.  We also feel it's unfair to charge a commission, which can end up being a much larger amount, for all your hard work.

5. I have multiple ReConnect orders from the same buyer, will I be charged for every order?

Yes.  Each time a buyer places an order on that line sheet/presentation, it will be deemed as a ReConnect order as they are using the line sheet sent directly to their buyer feed.  You are more than welcome to send them your own presentation and market to them directly, as an alternative.  

6. What if a buyer does not pay for the ReConnect order? Am I entitled to a refund?

No.  As per Connect, we have done fulfilled our role of taking your presentation and marketing it to customers and positioning your products to get a sale.  As this buyer is someone you worked with before, you know how they work and follow up with them to ensure they order is completed successfully.  You may, of course, also add deposit requirements to your orders.

7. Which customers will ReConnect propose to?

The AI will only market to customers who have previously placed an order with you in Brandboom before.  If a customer is in your profile, but have never placed an order, we see that as a "contact" and someone you may be trying to reach but never worked with before.

8. What if I don't want ReConnect to contact certain customers?

We understand that different customers require different engagement models.  You have the ability to remove individual customers or a complete domain from Connect using the Block List feature.  

9. Can I choose a different line sheet for ReConnect?

At this time no, the presentation and settings are the same as Connect.

10. Can I use ReConnect without Auto-Mode?

At this time no.  Auto-Mode is required to be toggled on in order for users to utilize ReConnect.