Returns and Refunds for Payments on Brandboom

For orders using Stripe Express (e.g. Slope Net 60 transactions), the following are Brandboom's policies on Returns and Refunds.  For transactions that do not use Stripe Express, policies are solely at the discretion of the seller/brand.


Non-Marketplace/organic orders using Stripe Express

The ability to return or refund is at the discretion of the brand's policies. If you wish to facilitate a return or refund, we strongly suggest you do this by issuing return credits via the Brandboom returns system.  If the buyer does not agree with the resolution and lodges a dispute, Brandboom will investigate the issue and may request evidence from both parties to provide a resolution.  If Brandboom agrees with the buyer, Brandboom can withdraw funds from the seller's ACH account via Stripe Express Connect or withhold funds from future payments transactions.


Marketplace orders using Stripe Express

As Brandboom expands its marketplace offerings, we will update its policies.


Please visit Brandboom's Terms of Service for the latest updates to terms and conditions.