Set Up Invoicing

Step 1: Add Invoicing with Subscription

First, enable Invoicing on your Subscription page. If your Plan doesn't include it, you will need to upgrade to add it on.

Go to your Account's subscription page and select "Switch Plan." Choose Business Plan (Monthly/Annual) and click "Save & Pay."

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You should now see a prompt to go to your Settings page to continue the setup process to "Set Up Invoicing.

Step 2: Set up Invoicing on Settings page

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1. Enable Showrooms to use Invoicing.

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Click "Manage Showrooms" to enable/disable Invoicing for your showrooms. Turn the switch On or Off for each showroom individually.

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2. Manage Invoice Reminders

Click "Manage Reminders" to open a new panel.

You can set up to 3 reminders. Choose when the email reminder should be sent to your buyer and add a custom message. The email will automatically include your contact information and a link to the unpaid invoice.

  • Switch "Enable" to Off to turn off the reminder.
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3. Set Billing Agent

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The Default Billing Agent will be the designated billing correspondent when an invoice is created. Click "Update Billing Agent" to update this user.

Selecting "Default to Order Agent" will set the order agent as the billing correspondent. They will receive replies and emails regarding the invoices they created.

Step 3: Connect Stripe and/or PayPal to Brandboom

If you choose not to use Stripe or PayPal, you can still use the Invoicing feature to generate invoices, send them to your buyers, and log payment and shipment activity. 

However, connecting one of these accounts will allow you to do everything inside Brandboom.

See Set up Stripe for Invoicing
See Set up PayPal for Invoicing

Step 4: Use Invoicing

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