Share Your Presentation

Once you've built your Presentation, you can direct your buyers to view it online. 

If you're interested in learning how to generate a PDF of your Presentation instead, see Generate a PDF Line Sheet.

Basic Concepts

To learn more about how the online version of Presentations works on Brandboom, see How Online Presentations Work.

Click Share in Presentation List

Hover over the presentation name with your cursor and click the 'Share' button next to the presentation name.


Click Share inside Presentation Editor

Or open the Presentation and click the 'Share' button located in the toolbar, to the left of the PDF icon. This is the preferred method and allows you to double-check the correct presentation before you share it.


Copy Link from Share Panel

When you click the 'Share' button in either place, the Share Panel will appear.



Copy the Share Link by clicking on the link text.  You can then paste the Share Link into an e-mail and send it off to your buyers!


Can I Email Buyers My Presentation Link within Brandboom?

Brandboom does not have an integrated email service within the platform. Instead, we share presentations via a Brandboom Link or "Share Link".  Once you've generated a Share Link for your presentation, you will need to copy that link and use an external email service to communicate with buyers.