Showroom Owner

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A Showroom is a "brand space" that contains its own set of branding, products, orders, and invited users. It exists independently from Accounts/Teams. You can think of it as a shop.

Each Showroom has only 1 Showroom Owner who:

  • Cannot be removed from the Showroom's list of Invited Users
  • Is the only User capable of authorizing a transfer of ownership to another User
  • Is the only User capable of deleting the Showroom completely

By default, the User who originally created a Showroom is set as the Showroom Owner. But Ownership can be moved from one user to another.

Note: Often, the actual Brand owner is the person who creates the Showroom and is set as the Owner. However, in some cases, an employee, contractor, or Sales Agency may create a User and create the Showroom to display and sell products for the actual Brand. Therefore it is important to note that the Owner of a Showroom is not necessarily the actual owner of a Brand.