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Turn off Auto Mode for Connect Marketplace

Note: Brandboom Connect will be phased out/sunset on February 29, 2024.  For further information on the phase-out, and to learn about our new Brandboom Marketplace, please review this article.

The phase-out of Connect will not affect any areas of the platform. (i.e. line sheets, order management, inventory, etc...)


If you want to turn off Auto Mode for Connect Marketplace, click on the Auto Mode dropdown on the right panel: 


And select 'Off':


You will be asked to select an option once you toggle it off:


Recall & Turn Off

Auto Mode will be turned off and Brandboom will also recall all non-opened proposals that have been sent out by Auto Mode. 

Please note that this option WILL NOT recall proposals that have already been opened by Connect buyers. In order to recall these opened proposals as well, please do so on your Proposal History page. 

Turn Off Only 

Auto Mode will be turned off but all proposals that were sent out by Auto Mode will remain out there on Connect Marketplace for proposed buyers to potentially open up and order from you.