Upload a Product Video

Access the Media Bin

Hover over a Product tile and click the edit (pencil) icon or double click a Product tile.

Alternatively, if you are creating a new product, you can click the 'Create' button from the Products page to open the same screen.

When you enter the Product Edit Split-screen, the Media Bin will appear to the right. The images and videos are kept in this space before they are attached to a product. 

Click "Upload Media" to bring up the image uploader panel.

Select Video and Upload

When you click "Upload Media" you will see this pop-up panel.

After you've selected your video file, click "Upload" and the video will begin uploading into Brandboom.


What types of image files should I use?

  • File Type: .mp4 or .mov are recommended
  • Image Size: We recommend a max of 20MB


  • To create/upload a video, a user must be on a Business Plan
  • To share line sheets with product videos, a user must be on a Business or Startup Plan
  • Users on Free plans will not be able to take advantage of any Product Video features
  • Videos will not play audio component
  • For the most current plan inclusions, please visit our Pricing page
  • Please note, Product Videos are different from adding a Video Section on your general line sheet presentation.  This feature is still separately available for all customers.