Welcome to Brandboom

An introduction to Brandboom and what the platform offers

Thank you for signing up with Brandboom, the following articles will cover everything you need to get set up on our system. We will help you:

Create - Products, Line Sheet Presentations and everything else you need to be able to present your line to buyers


Distribute - Utilise our tools to send a Brandboom (Share) Link, create a PDF or use one of our Brandboom Marketplaces to find yourself new buyers


Collect - Capture orders and generate invoices and collect payments all within Brandboom


If you would like to begin setting up your first line sheet, please visit our first tutorial Creating a Product.


Please Note: Some elements of this article video may or may not be obsolete as of May 7th, 2021.  We will update these as soon as possible.  For any questions, please chat to Support or contact your Account Manager.